i want to learn domain buying tecquniqes

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i want to learn domain buying tecquniqes

Postby Khurramiqbal » Tue Jun 30, 2020 5:42 pm

asslam o aliekum to ALL and specially azad chai wala bhai
azad bhai i just saw your video about domain selling and buying.DOMAINS will good asset for sure but i need more info
how we know about any domain that this is good or oat pataang.
Is there any categories of good and oat patanang domains OR
Is there any tool to select a domain OR
Its upto luck and mind juggling practice OR
what are the algorithms behind them
I Think you understand what i want to learn.
Kindly spare some of your minutes for this topic and make a video
on this topic or reply here
OR Email me.
I will very thankful to you
asslam o aliekum wa rahma tullah wabara ka toh

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