Scrap Metal and Waste Tyre Export

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Scrap Metal and Waste Tyre Export

Postby Basharat123 » Mon Aug 15, 2022 7:28 am

Hi everyone

I am going to start my own Scrap Metal and Waste Tyre Export business from Australia in coming weeks, as I live in Melbourne.
Right now this market in Pakistan has huge potential and growing at very fast speed.

There are gaps between supply and demand, buyers and seller, trust issues etc

Everything is in high demand right now. If you are planning to start scrap metal business, it’s the right time.

Business model will be very easy, just work as middle man, a connection between buyer and seller by using networking skill and social media. I huge number of Facebook pages are available for scrap metal business and over 4 million people are buying and selling on these platforms all over the world.

After some time, when you expert enough and some good amount in pockets, you can start your own recycling business as well.
I am attaching a list which I will be able to export to Pakistan

Waste tyres exports may include,
Crumb rubber

Let me know anyone interested to buy from Australia, anyone interested to start his own business or even planning to start, its not a complex or complicated.

I cant see any Azad Chaiwala video in this topic, if there is any, please let me know.

You can contact me on my email address
[email protected]
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