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Men’s Tactical, Outdoor, Casual Clothing and Accessories |

Postby mrbeam817 » Sat Oct 23, 2021 1:44 pm

Types of shoes every man should own
Shoes play an important role in every outfit; they either break or make an outfit. You are responsible for choosing the right kind of shoes if you want to look stylish from head to toe. Whatever occasion you are attending, make sure you have the right type of shoes. It would be very disappointing to have a nice and fashionable outfit and wear the wrong shoes. Here are a few styles of shoes available at Wayrates that every man should consider having in their closet.
1.Leather boot
The great thing about a leather boot is with continued wear, the shoe begins to tell a story. A pair of leather lace-up boots is a must-have addition to every man's winter wardrobe. Opt for an ankle-high, black, or dark brown boot and cuff your pants for a casual, edgier aesthetic. You can also pull your trousers over the top of the boots for a more conservative look. Invest in a quality pair, and they will last you years.
If you want a type of shoes that offers both versatility and style, then go for loafers. Low and lace-free, loafers are a mainstay of the smart casual dress code and are a favourite shoe style for summer months. A pair of brown loafers will suit a range of palettes and work for casual and formal looks. Navy is also a good colour to compliment tones like whites, beige, and greens. If you are after a pair of loafers to suit neutrals, beige will work well and complements tanned skin. Pair your men’s tactical cargo pants with some nice loafers for a cool weekend look.
Almost every man owns a pair of sneakers. A pair of comfortable but stylish running sneakers is a must-have for every wardrobe. While running sneakers are designed to feel good rather than look good, we have a few tips on choosing the right pair. For versatility, pick a style with minimal branding. Bright colours also work well for a statement street look. White sneakers will appear beaten and bruised within a few weeks so a good shoe care routine will need to be in order. You can choose to pair it up with almost everything in your wardrobe, including men’s tactical clothing but not a suit.
Above shoes should be a must-have in every man’s closet. Experiment with different styles toget a style that suits you.

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