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waleed qureshi
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Job or Business

Postby waleed qureshi » Wed Feb 26, 2020 3:08 pm


I'm a CS graduate, done some certifications, belong to business family, IT business family. so here's a that I've been stuck in a confusion related to do a job or support my father's business. I was doing job in my Chacha's business for 3 years learn a lot but couldn't get ahead, then after graduation I applied in multiple companies but couldn't get a job so I started to work with my father. TBH no one supports me on this decision, everyone told me to do a job even my parents wanted me to do a job so that I could learn how to do business. Eventually I ended up in my father's business from 1 July 2019. since then i am realizing I've become a liability on my father and the company. Just because of me the whole staff left, and we ended up with one technical person. anyhow we somehow climbed up the ladder and faced the difficulties and fight although I learned a lot in these 9 months. but now we are in position where we are unable to meet our quarterly turnover i.e. 15 to 20 lac since last 2 quarters. Due to which it's difficult for us to run our kitchen, pay the bills, rents, salaries etc.
During this whole situation I just received a job opportunity as technical support engineer, and yes I got selected but as a Manager - PreSales & Technical. and everyone who were not happy about my business decision are now happy for getting a job, even my parents. The company I got hired belongs to same area business i.e. IT Solutions Provider. One more thing I need to mention about this company is that this company works on a larger scale than the companies I worked in. their quarter turnover might be in millions or billions. the point is I would be able to learn a lot and on a big scale but I am also bound for 2 years with them.
So in order to lead my father's business on a higher scale, i need to be on higher scale as well. That's what I've learned from my elders and come up to a decision which is logically right.
I need your prayers and wishes to get success in a whole new journey starting from 1st March. Let's pray for eachothers who are struggling in their rainy days. May Allah forgive all of our sins and help us to reach the higher place in Deen and Duniya. Ameen & Stay Blessed! :)

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Re: Job or Business

Postby ale » Sun Mar 29, 2020 7:29 pm

go to other countries like canada for bussisness


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