revolution in homes attention for builders and house maker

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revolution in homes attention for builders and house maker

Postby Janiyoyo » Sun Mar 15, 2020 5:23 pm

i want to share my idea ... idea yah hay k bullet proof glass k ghar banaye jayen yah future homes hongay jo future next generation future humanity use karay gi ... iska faida yah hay k old featured houses jaisay k bricks cement bajri gara yah sab bekar hojayengay ... earth quakes say safety milay gi .. gharon ko koi bhi damage nahin howa karay ga jitnay bhi time guzray ga yah ghar as it is rahaingay .. no maintenance required for 100ds of years .. easy fitting electric and wastage pipes .. u can use tinted paper inside of walls to secure ur privacy .. u can use any wall paper from mobile or computer to decorate ur walls .. yah ghar unbreakable and undestructible or damage proof hongay .... agar aap is future idea ko support karna ya participate karna chahain to feel free and contact me this email for my mobile number [email protected] ...


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