first fix your education in small cities

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first fix your education in small cities

Postby daniyaluzair » Sat May 30, 2020 11:14 pm

i am in one of the small cities even tho we are known alot now still they dont care at all

first of all i am learning all of the stuff about computer and coding on my own LIKE BRUH! no one here gave me any choice of going in comp I WAS FORCED TO BE IN MEDICAL FIELD and not to mention i learned nothing

i learned English from gaming i learned COding FROM YOUTUBE I am still learning about python while being forced to study science
GIVE US SCHOOLs THAT CAN GIVE US CHOICE we DONT need these literal worthless buildings who can do us no good

sorry got a bit harsh :roll:

my point being there are alot of talented ppl here who are wasted cuz "being a doc will secure my future" NO IT WONT LOL i wasted like few years of my life studying for nothing I AM NOW LEARNING "stuff" and i am sorry but its not from school.


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