Still 80/20% Why not reverse it and get 80% to generate more results!

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Still 80/20% Why not reverse it and get 80% to generate more results!

Postby Aazad786 » Tue May 03, 2022 10:45 pm

My request is that you videos would be converted into Real life stories,
Little children still now a days buying Magazines (that don't have access to technology ), I remember it being readed in the school, even by my family members and many more

Like: Hamdard Naunehal (kids most bought Story book - even adults like reading stories)

If kids got motivated then there is no one can stop them to be Millionaires
Then (In Sha Allah) we would reach 40 lack people to make $1000 in a (instead of just 9 lack - which isn't guaranteed),
So, if our little more effort can bring just consistently millionaires each and every year!

We Will Be There In No Time - With Tears Of Happiness

It doesn't cost because its free to publish - cause after Death of Hakim Saeed (Devoted his whole life curing people - when was martyred he was serving mankind), they are kind of out of Stories to share - they think no stories exist anymore, so they publishing from over 90s

You can buy its Hamdard Naunehal from any Newspaper shop with ease - there are numbers to contact tell them your story and convince
In Sha Allah - You will succeed

Try to find most selling/popular magazines and pay them to post your without delays - if you can (because if your act just say motivated hundreds of lives to work their life would be changed and came out of poverty)
And Wallahi Allah is the best Ajr granter indeed~

I really appreciate that you are teaching instead of giving money away to everyone (am not saying you should never do - if the person is really mustahiq), instead of making them beg, you are just changing lives - I personally Salute

May Allah bless you and your loved ones with of the best blessings, Protection, and save the Muslim ummah from the hell fire


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