Introducing Myself

Your name, Your City, Age, What do your do or what is your goal? Why are you here?
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Introducing Myself

Postby kamran1234 » Sun Jun 28, 2020 4:02 pm

Hi, I am Kamran1234 from Islamabad.

Dear Azad Bhai,
I've recently heard about you and watched your recent videos...really impressed.
I've worked as an employee in number of reputable industries for last 25 years, even got senior positions, but got hand-to-mouth at the end. Thanks to Allah, I've spent comfortable life.

I'm now a retired person, age 55, and need your guidance to run my kitchen. My kids are still in education and I barely afford their financial burden. My fields of specialization remain, Graphic Designing, AutoCAD, etc. I am interested in opening an online store.

Unfortunately, I haven't seen any video related to guidance for retired people. You should have something to put these poor strength on track so that they could be beneficial to themselves and as well as for the society.


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