Be your own Boss

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Be your own Boss

Postby muneibfida » Tue May 28, 2019 7:19 pm

I am a Computer Science graduate , did my BS in June 2018. I was a game developer by choice and did a lot work on my own to learn development and my final year project was also a Desktop Game Application. After my degree completion, I started applying for a job regarding game development. i only got two interview calls since then and got rejected from both as they need some more experienced one (i don't know if a fresher can be experienced or not). I was disappointed. I was in worry to make some start of career. Then i switched to freelancing (suddenly). Keeping my degree in view, it was difficult to survive as i was only member of the team, so i did a little change in my expertise as i was experienced in 3d designing ( Architecture Perspective). I am Architect and CAD drafter by default. So i put my skills on Upwork and Fiver. I got 6 orders in very first month and it was about $200 earned from that month. To me , while the software houses are offering 15k-20k starting, it was more than good earning $200 in very first month while you are starting from zero.
My point is that never wait for an opportunity, build it for yourself. I have heard a maxim , " If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door".
کسی راستے پر چلنا شروع کرو، اگلے راستے اللہ خد بناتا ہے آپکے لئے۔
Shortly, if anyone have any skill or grip on any tool like photoshop, Maya, Max, or even tools like excel, you guys should start working on Upwork/Fiver.

Abdullah Rizwan
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Re: Be your own Boss

Postby Abdullah Rizwan » Tue Jun 11, 2019 10:05 pm

Salam brother
Kya ap moja bata Sakta ha ka jab Hama koi order ay fiver par or ham na go complete kar diya tu vo order Dena wala tak kesa pounchay or us SA paisa kasa wasol kara o

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