How to send me your Videos

I will upload your business videos to my channel
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Re: How to send me your Videos

Postby Dr.spartan87 » Fri Apr 12, 2019 6:23 pm

Aoa Azad Chaiwala!

Hope you are doing well.
Kindly checkout this video and related blog post. I am trying to make more videos and post, but need to give more time to bring more content. These are all my own content no plagiarism & no copywrite issue either, so you can use them as you want, and let me know if any further requirement needed;

I am sharing these two links as it will benefit most of your followers compared to the rest of my posts, and they can use alternative methods too but will get some idea of making money fast from this short video or post, hope you could spread the word if you feel it’s worth it.

My Airbnb post can also be shared as many people in Pakistan can benefit from that too, I feel that will be good too;

For your foreign followers, the videos;
Will help, As you would know, the way people sending money by different methods, & many people are still not aware of Transferwise like reliable companies (personally, I have been using it for years plus its debit card helping me in travelling, & it works brilliantly & efficiently, can share proof if needed), same with Ebates saving money in USA for me in cashbacks doing literally nothing extra.
All videos are around one minute, so definitely won’t bore anyone :)
Sorry for the long message but I wanted to compile all content in one message, so not to be annoying repeatedly :D
Thanks for reading & consideration ❤️

I would Love to meet you in NewYork someday, Let me know when you are here, you are inspiring and amazing mashaAllah. ([email protected]) Love you Bro!

abdul sammad
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Re: How to send me your Videos

Postby abdul sammad » Sun Apr 14, 2019 7:00 pm

Assalamualikum azad bhai well ma ap ka bht bara fan hon really love your work and videos. I am a vloger live in Australia and i make videos for people who want to come to Australia i have my page and i want u to promote it to your channel it will be appreciated thanks Jazak ALLAH

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