Construction Material Business (Cement and surya)

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Construction Material Business (Cement and surya)

Postby shapik » Sun Jul 14, 2019 8:33 am

Hi Guys,

Is there a thread related to starting construction material business i.e cement in sarya

any info on below will be appreciated

Starting investment required
- Where to get the material (local distributor or company ).
- What is the business model i.e do i have to send salesman to relevant thekedar and builders or expect users to come to me. what percent business is from individual users and what would be from large customers.
- What is the general mode of business is it heavily udhar based .
- How large area should i keep for starting .
- Are the material perishable . Does cement quality decrease with time. Does the surya rust with time .
- Any recommendations to manage inventory and finances if you intend to run business through employees.
- What is the average ROI on the business
- With so many players in the market what factors will determine a successfull share in the market


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