Construction Material Business (Cement and surya)

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Construction Material Business (Cement and surya)

Postby shapik » Sun Jul 14, 2019 8:33 am

Hi Guys,

Is there a thread related to starting construction material business i.e cement in sarya

any info on below will be appreciated

Starting investment required
- Where to get the material (local distributor or company ).
- What is the business model i.e do i have to send salesman to relevant thekedar and builders or expect users to come to me. what percent business is from individual users and what would be from large customers.
- What is the general mode of business is it heavily udhar based .
- How large area should i keep for starting .
- Are the material perishable . Does cement quality decrease with time. Does the surya rust with time .
- Any recommendations to manage inventory and finances if you intend to run business through employees.
- What is the average ROI on the business
- With so many players in the market what factors will determine a successfull share in the market


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Re: Construction Material Business (Cement and surya)

Postby shapik » Sun Jul 28, 2019 8:06 pm

yaar waisai is forum pai help kernai ki takleef kum loag kertai hain , post bus view kertai hain.

yaani muft ka kuch milai tto sahi hai , kisi aur ki help na kerna

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Re: Construction Material Business (Cement and surya)

Postby RazaNaeem » Mon Aug 19, 2019 6:22 pm

Lol baat sahi hai
but this is what i know

starting investment could be 0 or whatever you can afford.
1. get the material from a distributor or a manufacturer, whoever gives you a better deal, you also have the option to import, or deal with imported materials
2. yes thats a commonly practiced marketing technique however your customer pool will also depend on location, if you have a physical outlet in a construction market you will get walk ins too. if you are working with a manufacturer and you are a sole dealer in your area, location will not be so important for people who are referred to you via the brand. however you are free to come up with your own techniques
3. depends on your clients and how you want to let things proceed. you could keep it cash, you could give credit, your call really.
4. How much stock do you want to carry? which reminds me what exactly will you deal, lots of sarya types in construction.
5. yes cement is perishable, sarya not so much, depends on conditions and depends on sarya, it can get damaged and rusted. some metal forms are slightly lubricated some arent some are corrosive some arent etc.
6. well automation ofcourse, and a well trained team and a couple of reliable accountants.
7. ROI? depends on trade volume, investment and product. generally metal merchants CD70 pe bhi nazar aenge aur LX570 pe bhi.
8. You


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