SCRAP (SPECIAL ONE) BUT.....Billi aur Shair wala System Qist No.14

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SCRAP (SPECIAL ONE) BUT.....Billi aur Shair wala System Qist No.14

Postby shahfaisalbukhari » Fri May 18, 2018 3:42 am


2nd Sehri mubarik ho...!!! HAPPY EATING

Gold Recovery From Graphic IC Chips

Graphic ic chips have a large quantity of gold. And this plays a major role in E-waste recycling. When any scraper buys electronic scrap. His eyes always search for graphic ic chips (Green IC Chips).

It has two parts:

Black silicon (upper part)
fiber (lower part)

The main part is upper part and 95% gold is present in it. I like to recycle it separately. First separate upper part of graphic ic chips. I will make another qist about recycling of lower part. So keep it store for your yearly profit.

For recycling of graphic ic chips, we shall need these:

Sulfuric Acid (H2SO4)
Nitric Acid (HNO3)
Hydrochloric Acid (HCL)
Sodium Metabisulfite (SMB)
Filter Paper
Stainless Steel Pot

The method of recycling green ic chips is nearly same as surface mount ic chips (remember qist no. 12 ???). Gold recovery from graphic ic chips is easier than surface mount ic chips. Because the material of graphic ic chips (green ic) is so friendly to dissolve in sulfuric acid that it cuts all powerfull work. If you are new in ic chips recycling then i will recommend you to try graphic ic chips first (surface mount isi liye pehlay qist bana di taa k apko each and every step pata ho.....). Ab apko bari bari quantity and mushkil kam tackle karna a gaya hay tou ye chotay chotay kam tang nahi karay gay inshaALLAH!!!!!

Separate all upper part of this chip from the lower and we will work on upper part
Put the whole material in a stainless steel bartan yani patila
Dip this is H2SO4
Give heat 40 to 60 minutes
Kisi chamchay say hila k daikh lo k ye pighal rahi hay? if yes then now, leave it to cool down
Kisi dosray patilay may isay chaan lo yani strainer ki help say strain kar lo
Add water and wash the material 3 times
Strainer ko bhi isi wakt dho lo magar bahar sink may nahi isi patilay may pata hay naa kiu????? janab is per wo material laga hua hay is may gold hay
Dobara 2nd patilay may strain kar lo isay
HNO3 add karo ab is may yani 1st patilay may jis may mawaad hay apka yani graphic ic chips hay
DONT ASK QUANTITY kitnay material may kitni quantity of chemical add karna hay wo pichli qisto may parho...!!! :evil:
On this stage after adding HNO3 the copper and other base metals are dissolving
Jab reaction khatam ho jaye add water and wash 3 times remember walls of the patila should also being washed always
Ab phir say mukammal strain kar lo isay
You should see pure golden wires now in the pot
Is ko ab beaker may daal lo (beaker kia hota hay go to my starting qist jaha equipment ka zikar hua hay)
Add aqua regia now (3 hissay HCL + 1 hissa HNO3 OK????? 75% HCL 25% HNO3)
Leave it for 3 to 4 hours now HER HALF HOUR BAD isay mix and shake kartay rehna taa k wires is may achi tarha say dissolve ho jaye
Now wires are totally dissolved
Now filter the solution by using a patila chota wala and a filter paper on/in it
May nay filter is wakt vacume filter kia tha ap gravity filteration kar saktay hay no issue maqsad filter karna hay bus
Ab ye filtered solution kisi beaker may daal lay
Ab SMB banao
Filtered solution may SMB daal do iska color yellow say black ho jana chahiye
Ab is may 2 glass pani daal do yani 500 ml
leave it for a night now
Ab isay subha uth kar filter kar lo may nay vacume filteration use kia tha ap filter paper use kar k waisay bhi kar saktay hay jaisay may nay sikhaya
Beaker may say achi tarha solution filter kar laina
Agar beaker per kahi solution chipka reh b jata hay tou thora sa pani ka chirrkaao kar k filter kar laina
Now burn the filter paper in any bartan on choolha
Melt the gold
Make a biscuit in your saancha
Shine the gold biscuit
Wazan karo
Sale karo
Kha jao


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